The masterpiece

The masterpiece - Nikita Richards

Since the kids grew, keeping them busy required more effort or preparation, I started to ask around my circle of friends what were the things or activities they were assigning to their children. Some of them advised me to look online for ideas of creative activities for my kids. Thus, I followed their advice and did some research.

It turned out that the Internet was filled with websites that offered exactly the things I needed. There were so many websites that I bookmarked and activities that I saved. The amount of ideas for crafting, painting, playing was overwhelming. I was thrilled about it. It felt like I was a child who had been granted access to the cookie jar.

What I loved the most were the sites that were presenting all the steps of a certain activity. Most of the do it yourself projects, were having a detailed description of these steps along with a photo showing how it was supposed to be done. A sort of Idiot’s guide that I found very helpful and resourceful.

Thus after stumbling upon this treasure websites, I created a monthly calendar of activities for my kids. They were very excited about it. They would check it daily and look forward certain activities that they really cherished. In order to get them more engaged in the process, I asked them for suggestions on how we could make our activities funnier.

To my surprise, they had something to say almost on each single thing planned. Therefore, the calendar for the upcoming month relied mostly on their ideas of fun and creative things to do.

I enjoyed seeing them so enthusiastic about working together and they loved the freedom that these projects entailed. Not to mention that the outcome of their efforts lead to some incredibly beautiful art pieces.

Both of them got hooked on painting with oil and acrylic colors. What was there not to be loved about this fun activity? They had a huge white old sheet as a canvas and plenty of colors to play with. In the beginning they used the brushes, but shortly after they used their hands, feet and balloons filled with paint. The rolled cars and toys through the paint and made patterns on the canvas with them. They had a blast! Once it was dried, I cut the sheet in two and hung the two canvases into their bedrooms.

Their grandma loved their masterpiece. She took a picture of it and turned one Photo to Canvas. Now she has it placed in her bedroom, above her bed.